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Working Out 💪🏽 During Weight Loss

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

If you are someone who loves to exercise daily, it is a struggle for us to say, “don’t exercise too much during the program.” But it is based on a lot of good evidence. While you are detoxing, you are more apt to maintain healthy body composition if you’re not overtraining. Overtraining is not healthy for your metabolism.

Your goal is 5,000 - 10,000 steps per day. Still do your normal movement in your job. That’s okay. Just don’t overdo it. You can buy a pedometer or use a smart device if you want to track exactly how many steps you take, because it’s eye-opening to see how many steps you actually take in a day.

We “get” that you might want to still do some sort of structured workout during the Weight Loss Phase. Here is how you can exercise without overdoing it:

Alternate micro workouts with interval exercises each day. If this is too much, then don’t do these as often. If you have a job that has you walking more than 7,000 steps a day, you probably shouldn’t do these at all.

Micro workouts:

Do each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds. Do 1-3 sets.

This quick, workout involves 30-seconds of all-out movement followed by 30-second rests. Here's how it goes:

Squats for 30 secondsRest for 30 seconds

Pushups for 30 seconds Rest for 30 seconds. Mountain Climbers for 30 secondsRest for 30 seconds.Put it all together: Squat, push up position, push up, left leg 🦵 , right leg 🦵

Try it out for 2 more rounds to finish this workout.

Interval exercises: Do any high intensity workout of your choice; jogging or cycling...for example.

Do an interval exercise for 20 seconds at full intensity, followed by 40 seconds of an easy pace. You can raise intensity by going uphill, going faster, etc. Do 3 cycles of fast and slow.

That’s it. After you have completed the weight loss phase, you can get back to your regular workout routine. If you are feeling foggy or weak the day of, or the day after doing these exercises, then sit out for a few days so you don’t overtax your adenals.

Information taken from Dr. Christianson

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