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DNA Programs


Choose A Program:

​Your Personalized Health Management Program 
Tailored to Your DNA Starts Today,
With These 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Collect and send in a sample of your DNA to be analyzed.

  2. Within 2-3 weeks you'll receive a comprehensive report with specific details about how your genetic makeup affects your health and success strategies to work with them.

  3. You will be supported with hundreds of resources that are curated specifically for your genotype in the secure online web portal. 

1.    GxSlim: DNA-Based Weight Management Program- takes your unique genetic makeup into account and provides you with diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype. Click Here to download a FREE Guide "7 Ways Your DNA Influences Your Ability to Lose Weight".

2.    GxRenew: Innovative Genetics - Based Healthy Aging Program - an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer.  

3.    GxNutrient: Comprehensive Micronutrient Predisposition Analysis - a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet. Understanding your genetic profile for how your body likely processes key vitamins and minerals is an important step in developing a healthy nutrition program.

4.   GxPerform: Genetics-Based Peak Athletic Performance Program -  is a health and activity performance improvement program based on your genetic profile. GxPerform provides you with the food, nutrient and training recommendations to allow you to reach your potential

Prices for DNA Kit and Reports  
Each Program Includes 2 - 15 Minute Sessions 
Click Here to Download the Participant Questionnaire, Authorization and Agreement Form

  • 1st Program $320

  • 2nd Program $190

  • 3rd Program $155

  • 4th Program $130

  • Any 1 Program $320

  • Any 2 Programs $434

  • Any 3 Programs $509

  • Any 4 Programs $560

Prices for 23andME or AncestryDNA DATA with Reports
Each Program Includes 2 - 15 Minute Sessions

  • 1st Program $200

  • 2nd Program $140

  • 3rd Program $110

  • 4th Program $100

  • Any 1 Program $200

  • Any 2 Program $260

  • Any 3 Program $290

  • Any 4 Program $330

The NEW Microbiome Test


GxGutHealth: Microbiome Test - a snapshot of your microbiome that utilizes a comprehensive platform that converts taxonomic signatures (16S) and gene lists (WGS) into microbiome-wide quantitative functional capabilities (phenotypes). A quantitative measure of each phenotype in a microbiome sample is computed on a scale from 0 to 100%. This enables a deeper understanding of how microbes are interacting with the host, each other, and the diet, giving physiological meaning and a science-based path for those looking to actively modulate the microbiome.

The price is $350 which includes the GxGutHealth test, kit and 2-15 minute sessions. We will be offering supplements based upon the GxGutHealth test coming soon, in 2024.




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