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Meet Wendy

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I lost 30lbs and I haven’t felt this healthy or strong in many years. In the past I’ve tried to diet and do other weight loss / healthy eating plans on my own but was never able to get very far. The ongoing support of Wendy made all the difference in the world! I think the program provided me with everything I needed to live a healthier lifestyle - ongoing feedback and support, vitamins and supplements to make the process a little easier, and education. I think this is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. I highly recommend Restorative Wellness and Weight loss to everyone."

~ Laura C.

Some Nice Words About Wendy

"Mindful modification

is my mission."

"My clients' health and happiness is the best reward!"

"I will give you the foundational strategies that will create major lifestyle transformations!"

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Meet the Founder and Head Health Coach of RWWL

Hi, I'm Wendy.

I pride myself on being a good listener, which enables me to meet you where you are now and guide you to where you want to be. I work with you to decipher your body's unique needs first in order to lose the weight you want. Together, we'll make lifestyle changes that produce real and sustainable results. 

You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you while we work together to improve your energy, create life balance, and maintain both health and happiness. It is my mission to have you leave each session feeling inspired, motivated, and on the road to becoming your best self!

Here is a little about my background that qualifies me to do what I do for you:

I have been a Certified Health Coach for over 10 years. I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I founded Your Wellness with Wendy in 2010 and became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Practitioner aka. Health Detective in 2018. I am also is the owner, creator and coach of Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss, which was founded in 2017, and I have successfully taking over 700 people through all-natural, weight loss programs. In 2019, I completed the Emotional Eating Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also became a Level 1 Certified Reiki Practitioner. Lastly, (for now) in April of 2020, I became a certified Recovery Coach through California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). 

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Wendy's Wellness and
Weight Loss Story:

Wendy's Weight Loss Before/After Photo

My health challenges started in 8th grade when I had bacterial meningitis 3x, severe enough to put me in a coma the second time. Luckily, I survived. Afterwards, as a preventative measure, I needed to take antibiotics for 10 years. This led me down a path of new and unexpected health issues such as Epstein Barr virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Candida. 
Luckily, in 1990 I met 2 women who taught me how to heal myself with a healthy diet and strategic supplements. In the years following I continued to apply this knowledge and learn whatever else I needed to in order to continue improving my health.

Wendy's before and after photos.

She lost 33 pounds.

In 2010, after raising my young children, I was motivated to find a way to take my knowledge and help others, so I became a Certified Integrative Health Coach. This was the magical answer! I found great joy in helping clients get well by teaching them the significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle that was specific to their needs. I focused on the importance of prioritizing themselves and
on how to be fulfilled with their life even more so than food. ​
In 2014, I found myself challenged with my own weight issues and was baffled because I always "thought" I was eating well, but since we are all bio-unique I had no idea that what I thought was
working for me, was not.
By the end of 2014, I was lucky enough to find a wellness and weight loss program that resonated with me. It was all natural, healthy, doable, and best of all successful. I lost 33 pounds in about 50 days. Before my program was close to completion, I found myself training to be a health coach in the office that changed everything for me. This was the start of the next 3+ years, where I became their head health coach and was able to take over 600 clients successfully through the program.
The single, most important thing I learned about my journey is that it isn't just about the weight. It is about living a fulfilling life and finding what works for you. It is about being compassionate
and curious with yourself. It is about becoming the best version of yourself so you can truly strive while you are alive, be happy and healthy and fulfill the passions you have for yourself with ease. 
You will know it the minute you meet me, I am passionate about what I do for RWWL. I hope together we can find what drives you to be, feel and look your very best too.

Wendy's Before and After .jpg
Wendy's Before and After
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