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Are Your Genes Making You Look Fat?

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The answer is maybe! Our genes reveal many things about our health, including how our bodies process food and fuel our movements. In particular, there are 7 Components of Weight Loss that are specifically influenced by our DNA. By analyzing DNA, and developing recommendations based on what it reveals - we have the potential to change some long held beliefs about weight loss.

These are the 7 Components of Weight Loss:

  1. If your body is resistant to losing weight

  2. How well your body is able to process carbohydrates in your diet

  3. How much body fat you can lose through cardio exercise

  4. How well your body is able to effectively absorb folate (a B-complex vitamin)

  5. How sensitive your body is to the amount of fat in your diet

  6. How your body responds to strength training

  7. How sensitive your body is to the amount of protein in your diet

Adopting a diet or exercise program with understanding your specific genotypes, offers us an even higher success rate potential for our clients to lose weight and keep it off for good . This does not mean that you won't experience weight loss and maintenance without this information, but genetic science suggests that diet and exercise programs can be enhanced and optimized when they are based upon a proper understanding of a person't specific genotypes.

When you purchase GxSlim, a groundbreaking, science-based, weight loss solution, you will get:

  1. a spiral bound, comprehensive, 75+ page personal report detailing your genotype in these 7 areas with success strategies for weight loss ability, food, nutrients and exercise

  2. specific calorie and macronutrient ranges to optimize weight loss from your diet.

  3. to see what specific foods work best for protein, carb and fat utilization for your genetic profile

  4. a meal plan genetically designed just for you

  5. recipes

  6. a customized exercise plan

  7. to learn what nutrients you need and how it affects your body weight

  8. a login to our secure web portal to view your complete diet lifestyle recommendations as well as our genotype-specific health content library. This comprehensive resource library contains hundreds of articles, videos and recipes that are curated and directed to you based on your unique genetic profile.

To learn more about the Gx Slim, as well as the other programs available, please visit the Genetics Programs page of our website, then you can book your Genetics-Based Program Set Up Session with us today.

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