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Monthly Feature: Bone and Joint Health

May is Bone and Joint Health Month

At Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss we are here to help you build your health from the inside out. D3 Serum and OsteoVen are 2 great support supplements to use if healthy bones and joints are a priority for you.

D3 Serum

Introducing Premier Research Labs D3 Serum.

D3 Serum offers 1,000 mg per serving of natural-source Vitamin D3 as a fat-soluble liquid in a base of extra virgin olive oil.  D3  Serum is the preferred form of vitamin D is D3 (not vitamin D2) because it is better metabolized by the body. D3 Serum is also without those chemical tagalongs such as magnesium stearate (a questionable excipient) or other chemical no-no’s.


Comprehensive Support for Healthy Bones and Joints

Are your clients bones and joints as strong and healthy they would like? In addition to a nutrient-dense diet and regular exercise, we also recommend taking an outstanding bone/joint nutritional formula each day, such as Premier Research Labs, OsteoVen. This comprehensive formula  provides premier quality support for healthy bones, joint function and connective tissue.

If you are interested in discovering what supplements can benefit you, please schedule a 30 Minute "Suggested Supplement Session" to work with our Board Certified Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner , to construct a customized suggested supplement protocol for you based on your health intake, main concerns and ZYTO scan. Can do up to 1x a month. After, we will set you up with your own online account for ordering your own supplements to be shipped directly to your house and email you a Wellness Report from your ZYTO scan and a list of your suggested supplement listed in order of importance.

Book your session on our website at: http://www.restorativewellnessandweightloss.com/book-online/suggested-supplements-session. Please make sure you also download, print out and fill in your health intake form before coming in for your session and bring it with you.

~Wendy and Tricia

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