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Life Altering Thoughts To Ponder For Your Ultimate Success - Lesson 1

Welcome to 2022. It is Your NOW Year!

If you are a member of the group of people trying to better themselves, this is for you!

As the owner and health coach for Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss, self improvement is a topic close to my heart. This year, I will be making a point of sharing with you high quality information for you to take with you, and use, on your quest to become an ever better person. Consider me your "Wayshower Wendy". It's got a nice ring to it don't you think?

Lesson 1: In order for you to reach your full potential, you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Doing things that are not entirely pleasant is the key to achieving long term goals.

So, for example, if wellness and weight loss is your goal for self-improvement, psyche yourself up for the challenge that is ahead of you and welcome anything and everything that comes your way. Be fascinated! Know that it is not always easy, but necessary. You will be able to learn what you are truly made of. At then end, you will be proud of yourself and want to maintain all your hard earned results by continuing to prioritize your health. Just take a moment to imagine how good you will FEEL! Imagine how great you will LOOK! Your results will prove to you that you can now rely on yourself and that it was well worth any discomfort that you needed to work through. You will never want to go back to where you started because it is way to good to be at the finish line!

Learning how to resist temptations, over instant gratification, will offer you bigger and better rewards in the future. Although it is easier to avoid all kinds of discomfort and give in to indulgences, all you get from that approach is a fleeting pleasure now at the expense of your future which could have gone way better.

If a person who wants to achieve their goals immediately opts out, how likely do you think this person will be able to achieve anything substantial in life if their primary value is to feel comfortable? How will will they be able to handle a crisis' when it comes up?

On the opposite end, if a person voluntarily makes their life harder by seeking out and welcoming challenges as opportunities to improve themselves and grow, they will undoubtedly reach their ultimate goals. Each self-imposed challenge strengthens them to deal with what comes their way by not letting it overwhelm them. They learn to protect themselves from problems because they seek them out.

Pretty interesting stuff huh? I think so too!

More coming for 2022!

What are your challenges for the New Year?

What will you welcome into your life to help you grow and evolve into the person you would like to become?

If you are interested in what we can do for you, you can book a 90-minute health consultation by clicking on HERE.

~ Some of this information was taken from Martin Meadows 365 Days with Self-Discipline.

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