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5 Things That Can Slow Down Weight Loss

Weight loss can be challenging and if it slows down when you’re putting in the time and effort, it may make it more difficult to adhere and believe in the program. Here are five things to pay attention to when going through your weight loss journey that can slow down weight loss.

1. Poor sleep – Sleep is when your body sheds the most weight. That’s why you can eat great all day, even throw a workout in there, and weigh yourself at the end of the day, and you might be up in weight from this morning! During sleep is when your body does some of its’ best work digesting your food and consuming food as energy. Here are some quality sleep suggestions: make sure you get 8 hours of sleep per night; sleep in a dark room; allow fresh air in overnight; retire before 10:30pm, and sleep at regular times each night. Also, use cotton bed linens. Consult us about adding sleep support to your program.

2. Stress – Stress can cause many things to happen to the body and cause you to feel out of control. For stress reduction, consider these suggestions: balance work with recreation; meditate; practice forgiveness; prayer; psychological counseling; stress management techniques; sufficient and regular rest, tai chi, yoga. Consult us about adding adrenal support to your program.

3. Cheat days – It takes about 48 hours to get your body into a fat burning mode. When you take a cheat day, know that you’re not only sabotaging your weight loss for that day, but it will take another two days for your body to get back to losing weight and then you have to lose whatever weight you may have gained back… so please don’t. If you’re in a social situation, you still need to stick next to the program. If you want to have a drink somewhere, order a sparkling mineral water. When you adhere to the program, believe in it and stay committed you will get amazing results!

4. Medications – some medicines known to affect weight gain can be antidepressants, antiseizure medications, birth control pills, sleeping pills and blood pressure drugs. Drugs can interact with different hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain. Be sure to discuss changes in your diet with your doctor so the drop in weight won’t interfere with your medication. Never abruptly stop your medication but your doctor may be able to find a drug to treat your health issue that does not cause a weight gain. Do some form of exercise each day like walking as certain drugs can decrease your metabolism by 10%. Make sure you drink a full 8oz, if water with medications, not just sip enough to swallow pills.

5. Poor Digestion – if you have any digestive disturbances such as belching, burping, indigestion, gas, bloating or in any way feel you are not digesting your food well, consult us regarding adding digestive aids for your meals such as enzymes or apple cider vinegar shots. Try to establish regular times each day for meals.

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