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As important as it is to secure clean food, so is your indoor air. You May be surprised to learn that the largest single source of chemical exposure by far is not food, rather the air in our homes. Here are some simple action steps you can take right away to reduce your daily chemical burden:

1. Declare your home a no-shoe zone. Remove your shoes before entering.

2. Don’t let anyone smoke in your home.

3. Replace any indoor air fresheners with an essential oil diffuser. Use blends of pure essential oil or consider individual ones such as cinnamon, wild orange, clove or sandalwood. You can go to our Young Living website to find what you are looking for at: www.myyl.com/restorativewwl

4. If weather and circumstances allow, start keeping your doors and windows open to outside air as much as possible.

5. Use only purified water for drinking. We suggest the BWT Designer Austrian Quality Water Filter Pitcher, Zero Water Filter or a reverse osmosis unit.

6. Replace any air filters with pleated filters. Look for a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of at least 7. Set a reminder to replace your air filters every 8 weeks.

7. Choose an outdoor space to park clothes from the dry cleaner. Get in the habit of letting them off-gas outside your home for at least 3 days before putting them in your closet.

8. Use a HEPA air filter in your bedroom when you are sleeping. Replace filters on schedule.

9. In your kitchen, replace plastic food containers with glass, steel, and silicone. Use parchment or aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap. Replace nonstick or aluminum cookware with cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic titanium.

10. Replace all kitchen and laundry cleaning chemicals with fragrance-free versions.

11. Install an inline water filter on your shower head to remove chlorine.

12. Read the labels on your cosmetic, skin-care items, and hair-care products. Make note of those that contain parabans, PEG, and triclosan, and change to a safer brand.

13. Inspect your bathroom and kitchen for signs of water damage. If you see any, have an environmental engineer evaluate your home for mold.

14. Schedule air-duct cleaning annually and a carpet clean 2x a year.

-Information take from The Metabolism Reset Diet

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