Why Do You Want To Improve Your Health?

Don’t we all want to be thin and healthy? Nonetheless, the better you answer this question, the better your wellness and weight loss program will go. Take some time to journal and describe your motivations for starting this program. Here are some reasons that can help you define your why:

-You want to look better in a swimsuit this summer?

-Feel more confident in social situations?

Have healthier skin?

-Feel light and nimble?

-Have lower cholesterol levels?

-Have better sleep?

-Are you tired of taking so many medications?

-Do you want to connect better with your romantic partner or have an easier time finding one?

-What if you could play tag with your grandkids?

During your program, and even after, try to get into the habit of revisiting these reasons to help keep yourself connected to what really matters.

-Taken from the Metabolism Reset by Alan Christianson

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