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The Mind of the Eater

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

We are living in a time where out issues around nutrition, body weight, body image, and nutritional symptoms and diseases have profound challenges. America keeps getting bigger and more unhealthy. By working on our inner world (personal world) we can create profound changes in our metabolic world. Personal power = metabolic power. The more you can become all you are meant to be in this world, the more your body and metabolism can be what it is meant to be. As you change you and get stuff out of the way that is stopping you from being the you you were meant to be, metabolism starts to change. Look and listen for that in your life and people you know when they have a transformation.The domains of work and money, relationships, personal beliefs and history will affect your metabolism, health assimilation and food choices.

Collectively we have been told that weight can be healed with less food more exercise and the right supplements and drugs but sometimes we need to go more deeper in our life, our lessons and our relationship with the world and with the self in order to create true healing. Our issues with food and our challenges with health are always doorways that take us to a deeper place in our lives that are calling for healing. We fight and attach our habits and beat them up and we need to turn that around. We need to stop hating our body and punishing ourselves. We need to shift our thoughts to a place where we love ourselves.

The road you take will inform the destination. Everything is about opening up and understanding that this is an opening - they symptom is the doorway - let's listen to it instead of hating ourselves for having it. Self evolution and self-love can get us to where we want to go. Ask yourself, "How is life asking me to grow or transform?" Self evolution and self love can get us to where we want to go. Life is a journey and beautiful story. It is an emotional journey and journey of the soul. Breathe into and through any discomfort and resistance that arises. Each of us in on an epic personal, metabolic and soul journey.

Part of the journey is with Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss where Wendy helps you retrain the brain so you will learn to honor and love yourself while discovering what makes you unique. Wendy is with you every step of the way. She is committed to helping you grow and transform into the very best version of yourself from the inside out!

If you would like to book a health consultation with Wendy at Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss, please click on this link to book an appointment.

~Information taken from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

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