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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Thoughts, beliefs, emotions and commitment (by adhering to what you know works), play major roles in your wellness and weight loss process and success. Changing your beliefs for the better, WILL help you achieve your desired goals.

Lets look at thoughts:

"Whether You Think You Can Or

Think You Can't, You're Right."

-Henry Ford

The thoughts you think on a daily basis create emotions, which in turn calls on your actions. So if you’re used to thinking negatively, everything in your life is going to be based on that platform of negativity. Instead, if you focus on positivity, good things will follow.

Mike Dooley who wrote, "Thoughts Become Things" says, "We get to choose our thoughts, and from them follow our words and actions. The energy created then crafts the 'coincidences, accidents, and serendipities' we're met with that lead to the manifestation of the worlds we once dreamed of. Life is this simple; you are this powerful! There are no mitigating factors, no caveats, no 'sometimes,' 'maybe's' or 'hope so's."

It boils down to the language you use on a daily basis. Change it. If it’s causing you to be stressed out, shift your language and you will shift your reality. Simple as that. It’s not as complex as most make it out to seem. It’s all habitual. Say something over and over again with enough emotion behind it and it will eventually become your reality. Period.

Side note: During the Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss program, my clients choose 3 affirmations to say every day to help reprogram their subconscious mind and each weekly session closes with them choosing a quantum concepts affirmation card to offer a weekly declaration of health, wealth, success and happiness. All the chosen card's messages seem to connect with something in their lives. They are phrased in a way that can help my clients use for themselves to manifest their desired outcomes. It's also a nice and positive way to end a session and I always send a text with a photo of their card to them after.

Now let’s look at beliefs. A belief is just a thought that has been thought over and over until it becomes a belief. That’s what a belief is. So if thoughts are unreliable, so are beliefs. So if you think what you are doing will work and you can achieve your goals by doing it, you are right and you will. If you don't, you won't.

Let’s look at emotions. Emotions are what arise from our thoughts and beliefs. So if thoughts and beliefs are unreliable, so are emotions. We see this clearly when one moment we are feeling guilty and believe we are a bad person because we ate ice cream, and the then feeling joy when we receive a phone from someone who tells us they love and appreciate us.

Many people don’t examine their beliefs about food, this can be eye opening and very insightful. Spend some time writing down your beliefs about food. You can’t see how true or untrue they are until you know what they are.

Side note: At Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss, I have a 15 minute Craving Buster Audio I offer my clients that was created by a Rapid Transformation Therapist to help my clients release the beliefs that have been holding them back by creating new beliefs. I ask my clients to listen to nightly. The words, believe, commit, adhere and achieve that runs through it.


  • 1 - Write down your own beliefs about foods.

  • 2 - Take a look at the beliefs you have written down and inquire with curiosity into whether or not those beliefs are true. Write down whether your beliefs are true or false by putting an F or T next to the statement.

  • 3 - Set a goal that you would like to achieve relative to food and habits. Be very clear about what you would like to achieve. Weight loss? Mental clarity? Increased energy? A kinder more gentle way of treating yourself? Write it down.

  • 4 - Write down what you believe needs to happen for you to reach your goal.

If your goal is to lose weight, what do you truly believe will take you there? Do you eat intuitively and honor your body? What foods will you eliminate? Will that leave you feeling deprived or happy with the lifestyle you are creating? Make your new beliefs enjoyable, and believable to you.

  • 5 - Now, live your life accordance with your beliefs.

This may sound overly simple, but it really does work! People are very realistic about their goals. This is your life, why not live it in accordance with your beliefs?

~ Information included in the article are from Mike Dooley and from gooddecisions.com

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